Stafa ISBT Labeling

Create, Manage, and Print ISBT Compliant Labels

Stafa ISBT Labeling Software at a Glance

  • Create ISBT 128 compliant labels for cellular therapy products (2D barcoding supported)
  • Easily select product description code with assistance through embedded logic and code filtering
  • Generate labels as needed during the apheresis and laboratory process
  • Scan and auto-populate information from ISBT 128 labels into our ISBT Labeling Software
  • Available as a stand-alone product or integrated into Stafa Apheresis and Stafa CTL

Stafa ISBT Labeling Software Features:

Product Management

  • Maintain and manage a database of current and archived products
  • View product profiles including product, recipient, donor, and collection information
  • Split and pool products through an easy-to-use interface
  • Track and manage cryo reference vials with Cryo Vial label generation
  • Store more information on the label with 2D barcodes

ISBT Label Generation

  • Search and select from current products database for printing
  • Multiple labels can be managed at once to increase throughput
  • Choose from various, ISBT-compliant label templates (i.e. Full, Collection, Cryo) and complete the required information for each
  • Store printed label for reprinting and updates
  • Track unused labels for regulatory compliance