Stafa Apheresis

Manage donors, equipment, inventory, procedures, and protocols to improve operational efficiency

Stafa Apheresis at a Glance

  • Track all aspects of the collection process for donors through a ¬≠flexible work¬≠flow
  • Manage equipment, inventory, procedures, and protocols
  • Transfer key data from Stafa Clinical and to Stafa CTL

Stafa Apheresis Features:

Donor Management

  • Input donor history, perform screenings, and complete verification
  • Document and manage collection orders, mobilization regimen, and medication
  • Follow up on and track donors after collection
  • Import medical records, demographics data, and lab results

Product Collection

  • Document and store all product parameters for ISBT 128 label generation
  • Order and import product lab results
  • Track product transport and confirm receipt with blood bank personnel
  • Manage inventory, procedures, and protocols

Operational Improvements

  • Track equipment scheduling and maintenance.
  • Document equipment processing parameters
  • Assign donors and recurring tasks to staff members
  • Generate comprehensive reports and ad hoc analysis on collections

Monitor Quality & Compliance

  • Activate an out-of-the-box, validated FACT rules library
  • Electronically facilitate FACT and AABB accreditations and inspections
  • Receive alerts for regulatory and SOP compliance deviations
  • Proactively take corrective actions for improved quality and patient safety
  • Track all changes with an electronic user signature and audit trail (21 CFR Part 11 compliant)
  • Customize the quality dashboard to monitor key metrics in real time

System Integration

  • Include and act upon patient EMR data, demographics (ADT), and labs
  • Connect through HL7, web services and custom interfaces
  • Transfer key data to Stafa CTL