Stafa Reporting & Analytics

Go beyond CIBMTR with analytics, discovery, and improved decision making

Stafa Reporting & Analytics at a Glance

  • Submit to CIBMTR through a forms interface that is a significant improvement in ease-of-use over FormsNet
  • Keep your own CIBMTR data and query it for analytics, discovery, and improved decision making
  • Go beyond CIBMTR and analyze all data collected during the transplant process

Stafa Reporting and Analytics Features:


  • Submit data to CIBMTR through a user-friendly interface
  • Query your own data for analytics, discovery, and improved decision-making
  • Automatically map data from other Stafa modules to the CIBMTR fields to expedite the reporting process

Operations Reporting and Analytics

  • Go beyond regulatory compliance and leverage your data for improved operational insight and improvement.
  • Create customized analysis from data collected from any specific module.
  • Rapidly generate precompiled reports for products, patients, and donors
  • Apart from the set of precompiled reports, additional and customized reports created on an as needed basis (i.e. RFI Responses)