Stafa Clinical

Captures recipient and donor information throughout the entire cellular therapy transplant process, and manages electronic approvals at key decision points

Stafa Clinical at a Glance

  • Capture workflow-driven recipient and donor information throughout the entire transplant process
  • Manage real-time information integrated from other departments including insurance status, patient demographic information, laboratory test results, and cellular therapy product availability
  • Obtain electronic signature approval for all forms and major time points
  • Organize recipient and donor visits in a department-view calendar
  • Generate customized reports on metrics and qualitative transplant data

Recipient Workflow

  • Collect and manage patient data throughout the entire transplant process, from initial referal to post-transplant follow-up
  • View important and relevant information at each visit

Financial Approval

  • Add, track, and modify patient insurance status and approvals
  • Upload and manage relevant insurance documents

Laboratory Test Results

  • Automatically import patient lab data or upload/manage test results
  • View recipient pre-tests and donor infectious disease marker (IDM) panels at the appropriate workflow step(s)

Treatment Plan

  • Define initial and current disease status throughout the transplant process
  • Assign preparative regimen and supportive care protocols

Donor Matching

  • Notate donor search results
  • Create potential related and unrelated donor accounts

Donor Workflow

  • Manage related donor information throughout the cellular therapy collection process
  • Share donor documents and laboratory test results with the Apheresis collection facility

Patient and Department Calendar

  • Schedule key visits for each recipient and donor
  • Track all recipient and donor visits in a consolidated department-view calendar

Product Review

  • Obtain real-time product availability from the Cellular Therapy Lab
  • Define selected product(s) per transplant