Stafa Cellular Therapy Lab (CTL)

Comprehensively capture lab data, automate key workflows and provide auto-calculations to save time and reduce errors

Stafa CTL at a Glance

  • Manage products throughout entire CTL workflow with trackable product status
  • Configure flexible workflow and multiple protocols for a wide range of cellular therapy needs
  • Monitor the approval process for product distribution, including Infusion Order
  • Integrate with Apheresis and Clinical module for product management, document integration, and data transfer
  • Print ISBT label at any step of CTL workflow to uniquely identify products
  • Track activity within CTL using supervisor dashboard

Stafa Cellular Therapy Lab Features:

Product Receipt

  • Tracks product transport temperature and sign-off
  • Offers chain of custody that incorporates different transport steps
  • Review product information and documentation before accepting product into CTL

Product Processing

  • Select protocol from pre-configured protocol library
  • Split and pool products with unique identifier for each bag
  • Import and auto-calculate lab results for different protocols
  • Track inventory used at any step of CTL workflow
  • Update or add new protocols to meet new processing needs

Product Storage

  • Monitor real-time storage availability for all storage units to save time and reduce errors
  • Generate reports and alerts based on storage occupancy
  • Offer storage configuration for cryo reference vials

Product Distribution

  • Integrate with Stafa Clinical to view infusion orders
  • Configure approval workflow to gain approval from different parties before product distribution
  • Track product transport, issue, infusion, and external shipping

Product Record Review

  • View entire product manufacturing record that includes all the data points captured in CTL
  • Close manufacturing record for products and put them into an archive
  • Generate reports to query both active and archived products